Some things just go better together, like summer and swimsuits or winter and wool mittens. You know what else goes better together?  Martha Stewart, powered by Snow Joe. Two great brands, one powerful mission: to make the very best tools for your home, yard and garden.  And every tool has been individually hand-selected and thoroughly tested by Martha on her farm, so you can be sure they’ll perform at home in your yard. 


Martha’s tools are designed to take on your toughest home, outdoor, and auto cleaning tasks with ease: 

  • PRESSURE SELECT PRESSURE WASHER  (Available in SandSlateMint and Black). Pick the perfect pressure to tackle the most challenging cleaning chores with professional results. And with the five included Quick-Connect tips and onboard detergent tank you can easily go from an intense jet to a gentle, soapy spray to blast away every last bit of dirt, grease and grime. 
  • COMPACT MULTI-PURPOSE BLOWER (Available in  SandSlateMint and Black). With air speeds of up to 155 mph, it's ideal for light-duty jobs like sweeping porches, patios, walkways, driveways and decks ­­­– or clearing away light snow!
  • STAINLESS STEEL HORI HORI KNIFE (Available in  SandSlateMint and Black). Crafted from the finest quality Japanese stainless steel, this durable, dual-purpose blade features both straight and serrated edges perfect for dividing plants, digging out weeds, sawing small branches and vines, transplanting bulbs, cutting roots and much more!
  • SHARPERBLADE TRIMMER EDGER  (Available in  SlateMint and Black). Avoid the tangles, hassle and headache of conventional string trimmers. Thanks to SharperBlade™, the exclusive, patented stringless trimmer blade system, this weed-eating wonder easily slices through your toughest unwanted weeds and vegetation. 
  • EASY-GRIP SECATEURS (Available in SandSlateMint and Black). Prune like a pro with durable cutting blades made from the finest quality Japanese steel. Perfect for cutting twigs, small plants, medium-sized stems and flowers, they’re an invaluable addition to your go-to gardening gear.
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT GARDEN HOSE  (Available in  SandSlateMint and Black). Bid “arrivederci” to heavy garden hoses - this sleek Italian import is less than half the weight of conventional hoses of a similar size and is BPA-Free, Lead-Free, and Phthalate-Free. It features durable Quick-Connect fittings for secure, leak-resistant connections to your favorite irrigation accessories.
  • 10” MULTI-ANGLE ELECTRIC POLE SAW (Available in  SandSlateMint and Black). Trim your tallest trees with ease while you stand safely on solid ground to cut overgrown trees, overhanging limbs, and even logs, brush, and branches up to 9.5-inches thick.

Live a more beautiful, functional & meaningful life with a garden collection inspired by America’s most trusted lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart - and the yard and garden experts at SnowJoe.