Washer Type
Amperage (amps)
Auto Chain Lubrication
Bar Length (in.)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Battery Voltage (V)
Blade Length
Blade Style
Blower Air Flow Max (cfm)
Chain Size (in.)
Clearing Width (in.)
Commercial Series
Cultivating Depth (in.)
Cutting Speed (rpm)
Cutting Width (in.)
Deck Size (in.)
Depth of Snow Cut (in.)
Detergent Tank
Fire Bowl Diameter (in.)
Included USB Ports
Lighted End
Maximum Air Volume (CFM)
Maximum Cutting Thickness (in.)
Maximum Flow Rate (gallons/min.)
Maximum Pressure (PSI)
Mulching Capability
Oscillating Speed (opm)
Pet Safe
Plowing Capacity Max (lbs/min)
Product type
Rated Flow (gallons/min.)
Rated Pressure (PSI)
Scraper Material
Size of Yard
Snow Blower Usage
Speed Setting
Splitting Force (tons)
Sprinkler Max Flow Rate (gpm)
Suitable for
Tank Capacity
Tool Only
Vacuum Air Flow Max (cfm)
Vacuum Kit
Wet Vacuuming
Wheel Diameter (in.)
  • 10-In
  • 12-In
  • 14-In
  • 16-In
  • 18-In
  • 8-In
+ S&H
  • w/ 2 x 2.0 Batt + Rapid Chgr
  • w / 2.0 Batt + Chgr
  • w/ 2.0 Batt + Rapid Chgr
+ S&H
+ S&H