Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Premium Bar, Chain and Sprocket Oil, All Season Chainsaw Chain Lubrication, Universal Chain Saw Chain Oil for Fast Efficient Cutting – 1-Quart

Size: 1-Quart

Product Description

CHAIN REACTION! SUN JOE® Saw Joe Bar, Chain Sprocket Oil (model SWJ-OIL) is the cutting edge in high-performance bar and chain oil, reducing friction, prolonging the service life of bars, chains, and sprockets as well as resisting oil thrown off at high chain operating speeds. Prevents rust, resists high temperatures and flows freely at low temperatures for reliable, all-season performance. Not suitable for internal engine use.

Compatible with all SUN JOE® chain and pole saw models. See for further details.

  • Used for All-Season Bar
  • Compatible with all Sun Joe Chain Saws and Pole Saws
  • Capacity: 1 Quart
  • Prevents Rust
  • Resist High Temperatures
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