Martha Stewart MTS-PRMBRDSD 5-LB. Premium Bird Seed
Product Description

Fill up the feeders and enjoy the show! This 5 pound bag of nutrient rich bird seed is perfect for the weekend bird watcher looking to provide their small colorful friends with healthy bird seed. The resealable bag makes it easy to store and prevents unwanted pests from getting in to the food, thus ensuring that you will have enough bird seed to last the spring and summer months!

  • Nutrient-rich seed mix with natural grains and oils to attract beautiful birds
  • High in Vitamin E and protein to keep wild birds healthy and strong
  • Black oil sunflower seeds are high in fat, rich in oil to give birds energy
  • Millet is a good source of carbohydrates for hungry birds
  • Resealable bag for easy storage and prevents unwanted pests from getting into food