Sun Joe All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Rated Cleaner + Degreaser | 1 Gal.
Product Description

FIGHT DIRTY.  Give your cleaning blast a boost with Sun Joe’s NEW All-Purpose Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser, made especially for pressure washers.  Completely biodegradable, this all-purpose cleaner is your ideal go-to refill for your pressure washer’s detergent tank or soap sprayer attachment.  Tackle tough grease, grime, rust, mildew, caked-on mud, oil stains and more from wood, brick or metal surfaces.  Plus, it’s a concentrated formula, so just a little goes a long way! Simply dilute as recommended to achieve the desired cleaning results, then fill your pressure washer’s detergent tank or soap sprayer attachment and power up to produce loads of soapy suds to spray away stubborn gunk and grime. Now you’re ready to fight dirty! 

  • Pressure washer concentrate formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe on metal surfaces
  • Cleans wood, brick & more
  • Can also be applied with mop or brush
  • Consult your pressure washer model’s manual for specific instructions regarding use of detergent. Some may require use of a soap nozzle to dispense detergent; others may employ a soap sprayer attachment. 
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