Aqua Joe AJ-WTX2 Set of 2 Manual Water Timers | Dual-Zone Coverage | 2 Hours Max Timer | Built-In Timer Bypass Function
Product Description

WATER YOU WAITING FOR? Always ensure the perfect amount of water reaches your yard, garden, plants or wherever you need it most with this handy set of two Mechanical Water Timers from AQUA JOE®!


Avoid wasted water – AQUA JOE is great for dual-zone coverage in the yard + garden. Simply set the large adjustable dial forward or backward to ensure the perfect watering time – up to 2 hours max. Plus, you can even use the hose manually for unlimited watering without removing the timer with the built-in bypass function. Attaches to any standard garden hose. 2-year warranty.

  • SET OF 2 for convenient, dual-zone coverage in the yard + garden
  • EASY TO USE simply set the ideal watering time – up to 2 hours max, avoiding wasted water + money because you forgot to turn the tap off.
  • MECHANICAL TIMER no batteries required.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE set the ideal watering time with a twist of the dial, forwards or backwards
  • TIMER BYPASS FUNCTION for unlimited watering or to use the hose while the timer is connected
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