Bliss Hammocks BH-992B Wooden Skateboard Swing w/ Strong Woven Rope & Handle Bars | Easy Assembly & Durable | 200 Lbs Capacity
Product Description

Experience the freedom and fun with the Bliss Wooden Skateboard Swing while staying fit. It improves core body strength and balance while also toning arm muscles, its a great, fun workout! You can hang it almost anywhere: on a free tree, porch beam, rafter, or swing set. Designed for a wide range of swinging movements and also features foot grips for even more support. Perfect for adults and children ages 8 and up. Comes with a 1 year warranty... Find Your Bliss!

  • DIMENSIONS: Wooden Skateboard Swing is made of 100% Hardwood and item measures 30.7” Long x 8” Wide x 3/8” Thick.
  • STRONG: 10mm mildew-resistant woven polyethylene rope.
  • DURABLE O Rings: Zinc-coated O rings are at the end of each braided rope for added strength. They allow you to hang the skateboard swing with ease.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Hanging Hardware: (2) Tree Straps & (2) Steel Locking Carabiners: Conveniently included 108" long tree straps and steel carabiners makes it easy to secure your skateboard swing.
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (Recommended for adults and children ages 8+)

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