Einhell GC-SC Power X-Change 36-Volt Cordless Scarifier | W/ 16 Stainless Steel Scarifying Blades | 3 Adjustable Height Positions | Tool Only
Product Description

Give your lawn a breath of fresh air with the GC-SC 36/31 Li Cordless Scarifier from Einhell. Scarify your lawn, aerate the soil, and remove thick thatch build-up from that stops water from penetrating the roots of your grass with 36-volts of cordless lithium-ion power. Driven by Einhell's exclusive Power X-Change 18V battery system, this eco-friendly lawn ranger will give you the lawn you've always dreamed of. (Batteries + charger sold separately.) Slice through thick patches of moss and debris with the 16 scarifying blades and aerate soil to help water and nutrients deeper penetrate your lawn at the root. Scratch the surface level to remove debris build-up from the soil, or dig down deep to drive grass roots deeper and create a healthier, hardier lawn with the 3-position adjustable depth. Plus, the height adjustable handle can be customized to suit your comfort level. So, when your grass needs some grooming, count on Einhell to get your lawn in tip-top shape.

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• 36V Power X-Change: requires two 18V batteries + charger (sold separately)

• 36V battery cleaning capacity: 1.5 Ah - 860 sq ft | 2.0 Ah - 1080 sq ft | 2.6 Ah - 1610 sq ft | 3.0 Ah - 2150 sq ft | 4.0 Ah - 2690 sq ft | 5.2 Ah - 3230 sq ft

• Tackle yards up to 3200 sq ft with cordless convenience 

• Equipped with an impact-resistant impeller for reliable use

• 16 scarifier blades slice through thick thatch and moss

• 3-position depth adjustment + transport setting to prevent damage to your walkway or pavement

• Height adjustable handle for maximum user comfort