Martha Stewart MTS-STFRT-8LB Premium Organic Mycorrizae Starter for Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, and Shrubs | 8-lbs
Protection Plan Options | 2 Years Total Warranty
2 Years - FREE
+1 Year - $4.99
+2 Years - $6.99
+3 Years - $8.99
Product Description

Boost your roots with the Martha Stewart organic Starter Plant Food. Specifically formulated to boost initial plant growth, help roots thrive, and protect against transfer loss, this blend of organic ingredients will help your garden bloom. Containing microbes, mycorrhizae and no fillers or sludges, the natural organics break down gradually to provide a safe, long-lasting food reservoir throughout the growing season.

  • Resealable bag prevents moisture and protects against bugs
  • Allows water to penetrate soil and provides a boost of nutrients and beneficial microbes