Martha Stewart MTS-TEC Telescoping 3-Prong Garden Cultivator | Extendable Comfort Grip Handle
Product Description

PREP PLANT BEDS! Only the finest can bring out your best. Hand selected by Martha and tested on her farm, MTS-TEC Telescoping Garden Cultivator is ideal for gardening in comfort + style. Loosen compact soil and turn over harden clay dirt without the strain of bending. The 3-prong carbon steel design quickly cuts through even the rockiest soil and can remove weeds and unwanted vegetation at the root.  The telescopic handle extends up to 35-inches, to prep raised beds, gardens, and more with ease! Plus, the heavy-duty construction is certain to last for years of continuous, reliable use. Choose the garden guru’s favorite and Get Equipped® with Martha Stewarts Garden Collection by Sun Joe. 

  • Authentic, old-world style craftsmanship meets precision yard + garden equipment
  • Designed for a lifetime of use in the lawn + garden
  • 3-prong carbon steel cultivator head
  • Telescopic pole extends up to 35-inches to reduce bending and back-strain
  • Compact design for easy storage