MELT 25 Lb. Bucket Beet-It Ice Melter w/ CMA & Beet Extract

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Product Description

TELL THE ICE TO TAKE A HIKE - AND BEET IT! Put the power of the beet beneath your feet to melt ice away with MELT BEET-IT Responsible Ice Melt from Snow Joe. Enriched with natural beet extract for maximum melting power, it’s also pet-friendly and safer for vegetation and the environment. Perfect for use on stairs, sidewalks, decks and driveways, BEET-IT melts snow and ice down to -20, lasts up to 20 hours. Convenient, resealable 25 lb. bucket with handy measuring scoop for easy dispensing.

MELTS DOWN TO -20ºF: MELT™ Beet It effectively melts ice and snow on contact, even at temperatures as low as -20ºF. 

SLEET AND FREEZING RAIN: Apply early to prevent ice buildup.

WET/HEAVY SNOW: Apply early to prevent bonding.

LARGE ACCUMULATION: Clear excess snow, spread on stubborn ice or packed snow.


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  • Eco-, pet- and kid friendly
  • Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) for fast and effective results
  • Color-coated crystals help visually measure and dispense the right amount
  • Convenient refillable bucket with handy measuring scoop for easy dispensing
  • Long lasting, time-relaxed formula provides superior traction control
  • Will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals, or other vegetation
  • Net weight: 25 lbs