Snow Joe MELT25IB-BKT Beet-It Ice Melter w/ CMA & Beet Extract | 25-Lbs.


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Product Description

TELL THE ICE TO TAKE A HIKE - AND BEET IT! Put the power of the beet beneath your feet to melt ice away with MELT BEET-IT Responsible Ice Melt from Snow Joe. Enriched with natural beet extract for maximum melting power. Perfect for use on stairs, sidewalks, and driveways, BEET-IT melts snow and ice down to -20, lasts up to 20 hours. Convenient, resealable 25 lb. bucket with handy measuring scoop for easy dispensing.

MELTS DOWN TO -20ºF: MELT™ Beet It effectively melts ice and snow on contact, even at temperatures as low as -20ºF. 

SLEET AND FREEZING RAIN: Apply early to prevent ice buildup.

WET/HEAVY SNOW: Apply early to prevent bonding.

LARGE ACCUMULATION: Clear excess snow, spread on stubborn ice or packed snow.


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WARNING! To protect the durability of concrete, do not use excessive amounts of this product, as it may cause flaking, scaling, chipping or cracking of concrete. This product should not be used on pre-cast concrete steps, pre-cast masonry walks or steps, poor quality concrete, brick, or concrete that is less than 1 year old. These types of concrete are more susceptible to damage, and even concrete more than 1 year old may be susceptible. If you are unsure of your type or quality of concrete, please consult a concrete professional. 


Do not use this product in excess around plants and vegetation. No de-icer is completely harmless to plants and vegetation. Always use as directed.


Manufacturer and seller can accept no responsibility for injury to persons or animals or for loss or damage to plants, soils or other property resulting from failure to follow proper directions for use or from failure to observe the precautions printed on this package. In the event that the use of this product causes damage to persons or property, purchaser expressly agrees that his sole and exclusive remedy against manufacturer and seller will be the return of the unused portion of these goods and receipt of a refund for the purchase price.




Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with skin or clothing. Do not ingest. Wear eye and face protection. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.


CAUTION! Keep out of reach of children.

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  • Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) for fast and effective results
  • Color-coated crystals help visually measure and dispense the right amount
  • Convenient refillable bucket with handy measuring scoop for easy dispensing
  • Long lasting, time-relaxed formula provides superior traction control
  • Net weight: 25 lbs
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