NISAKU NJP140 ZASSOUNUKIGAMA Saw Tooth Sickle, 2.75-Inch Blade
Product Description

The Nisaku Stainless Steel Saw Tooth Sickle is an excellent hand-tool to help eliminate pesky ivy, weeds, and grasses in tight spaces. With it's cutlery grade blade, it can also be used to prune branches and roots as well as twigs and stems with extraordinarily clean cuts.

  • Sickle-Saw teeth are extraordinarily sharp for clean cuts
  • The blade is curved in two planes to give precise control to avoid damage to adjacent foliage
  • Efficient design and sharpness of the Japanese stainless steel blade is highly effective in cutting through weeds, ivy, grasses, & more
  • Blade Size: 2.75 inches; Handle Size: Wood, 5.25 inches; Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • Made in Japan. Authentic Nisaku/Tomita Manufacturing. Exclusively Distributed by Snow Joe, LLC
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