NISAKU NJP2515 ZASSOU BURUSH PRO S Stainless Steel Weed Cutter Pro, 3.25 Inch-Blade
Product Description

Nisaku Stainless Steel Weed Cutter Pro is a great hand-held tool that can easily fit in between tiny sidewalk cracks and crevices.  The blade of this tool is thin, sharp and corrugated, making it easy to cut away weeds in tight cracks and crevices. Made with very durable materials, this tool is excellent for all your small-sized outdoor projects!  

  • Made in Japan with the finest materials, Nisaku Stainless Steel Weed Cutter Pro is great for taking care of pesky weeds in sidewalks and crevices
  • Designed with ultra-durable Japanese stainless steel, the metal comb is strong and long lasting
  • Efficient design with an attractive and ergonomic wood handle
  • Blade Size: 3.25 inches; Handle Size: 6.5 inches
  • Made in Japan. Authentic Nisaku/Tomita Manufacturing. Exclusively Distributed by Snow Joe, LLC
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