Replacement Dethatcher Cylinder with 24 Tines for AJ801E
Product Description

Thatch that! When your Dethatcher Joe’s dethatching power slows, it’s time to replace the tines to get your Dethatcher Joe back in top raking form. The replacement cylinder features 24 spring steel tines, each 2 mm thick, that stay sharp longer to provide maximum raking performance. Installation requires just a few simple steps. In no time at all, you’ll be back to dethatching 14-inch wide x 0.5-inch deep paths, which will help keep your lawn green and healthy all season long.

  • Spring steel tines (2 mm thick) stay sharp longer for reliable performance
  • 24 tines per cylinder for maximum dethatching power
  • Rakes 14" wide and up to 0.5" deep
  • Fits Dethatcher Joe AJ801E
  • Easy installation