Snow Joe ASHJ201FTR Ash Vacuum Replacement Filter for ASHJ201


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Breathe easy. Rest assured that you’ll be breathing clean air while using the Snow Joe replacement filter for Ash Vac. The Ash Vac replacement filter (Model ASHJ201FTR) fits neatly inside the Ash Vac to trap fine dust particles and prevent them from escaping into your breathing space. Plus, the Ash Vacuum replacement filter is usable and super easy to clean. Simply remove the filter after using your ash vacuum, then either tap it against a hard surface or use a brush to remove any residual dust. This replacement filter for Ash Vac is rated M-grade. This clog-resistant cartridge filter lets you safely deal with any ash problem without creating a dusty mess around your home. The ASHJ201FTR replacement filter will ensure that your Ash Vac is armed and ready to suck up any ashes that come its way.

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  • Replacement cartridge filter for Ash Vac (Model ASHJ201)
  • M-grade filter traps fine dust particles
  • Resists clogging
  • Reusable and easy to clean
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