Snow Joe MELT15CPP-BOX Pure Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets | 15-Lbs | 94% Pure

Size: 15-Lbs

Product Description

Tackle tough ice and snow build-up with PRO results: MELT Calcium Chloride Pellets — the fast-acting, professional-strength, long-lasting de-icing formula from SNOW JOE. The powerful, easy to dispense, non-clumping formula works in sub-zero conditions and is safer on sidewalks. Unlike outdated tired, unreliable ice clearing methods, MELT Calcium Chloride Pellets, when used as directed, will not track into your home and lasts up to 24 hours, making it the perfect pre-treating solution to prevent ice build-up from the start. MELT15CPP-BOX calcium chloride pellets contain 94% calcium chloride to quickly generate heat upon contact and penetrate snow and ice up to 3 times faster than conventional ice melt for fast, effective results. So, when the ice builds up, Go With Joe®: MELT Calcium Chloride Pellets, from SNOW JOE.

  • MELT Calcium Chloride Pellets contain 94% calcium chloride to quickly generate heat upon contact
  • Fast-acting formula works immediately upon contact
  • Pre-treating surfaces with MELT prevents ice and snow build-up
  • Easy to dispense formula is treated with an anti-caking agent to extend shelf-life and improve spreading
  • Long-lasting formula lasts up to 24 hours and melts in sub-zero temperatures own to -25º F