Snow Joe RJ207M 20-Foot Extendable Scratch Free Aluminum Snow Shovel Roof Rake
Protection Plan Options | 2 Years Total Warranty
2 Years - FREE
+1 Year - $6.99
+2 Years - $8.99
+3 Years - $11.99
Product Description

SNOW JOE TO THE RESCUE. Prevent damage due to the heavy snow loads piled onto your roof and save on costly repairs with the Snow Shovel Roof Rake from SNOW JOE. Handy, easy-to-use and affordable, this durable roof rake quickly removes snow and other debris from your roof while you stand safely on solid ground. The heavy-duty aluminum rake head quickly and easily removes snow from hard-to-reach heights. Simply roll the roof rake frame on the smooth-glide rollers wheels and the 26" x 7" oversized rake head clears away heavy, packed snow. The four included extension poles provide five different length options — 26' | 22' | 18.1' | 14.2' | 10.3' — to suit the tallest or shortest roof. And weighing just 5 lbs, this ultra-lightweight, durable winter essential is easy to maneuver. So, when your roof is feeling the weight of winter: Go With Joe®. RJ207M Snow Shovel Roof Rake from SNOW JOE®. GET EQUIPPED®

  • Ideal for removing snow and other debris from roofs without climbing
  • Durable, aluminum construction quickly removes snow
  • 26" x 7" oversized rake head
  • 1.2" roller wheels prevent roof damage and increase maneuverability
  • Includes 4 aluminum extension poles to provide five length options: 26' | 22' | 18.1' | 14.2' | 10.3'
  • Offers up to 26' of overhead reach
  • Lightweight at just 5 lbs