Snow Joe SJEG-DZ-S2-SJB Ice Dozer Ice and Snow Scraper Tool | Squeegee Brush (2-Pack)

Color: Blue

Product Description

KICK SOME ICE! Skip the struggle with ice and snow on your windshield this winter and shred straight through icy build-up with the IceDozer™ 360º Ice Scraper 2-Pack from SNOW JOE®.

Equipped with 6 different sides for multiple uses, the IceDozer™ provides a full 360º of ice-decimating technology in one, compact, handheld tool. The articulated front-facing, hinged blades conform to your windshield and score + soften tough ice, while the 2.8-inch sharpened edge side scraper easily penetrates ice to lift it away. The surface scrapers shave away frost and snow, and the innovative 3.3-inch squeegee brush clears away sleet, slush and dirt + debris to keep your windshield clean year-round. High-impact teeth concentrate cracking force and swiftly shatters even the thickest ice. Plus, the built-in wiper notch is specially designed to clean wiper blades of icy build-up in a single swipe. Weather winter’s worst and GET EQUIPPED® with the innovative IceDozer™ 360º Ice Scraper from SNOW JOE®.

  • Includes 2 IceDozers™ to keep your windshields clear of ice all winter
  • 360º of ice-shredding technology – clears ice and frost in any direction.
  • Includes articulated front-facing blades, side scraper blade, ice teeth + wiper notch, squeegee brush, and surface scrapers
  • Safe on glass and windshields — won’t scratch or damage surface
  • Features ergonomic, non-slip textured grip to reduce wrist strain
  • Sturdy, shatter-resistant design for years of reliable use
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store in the glove compartment