Snow Joe and Sun Joe 100-volt 5.0-Ah battery and rapid charger.
Snow Joe and Sun Joe 100-volt 5.0-Ah battery being charged on the rapid charger.
Snow Joe and Sun Joe 100-volt 5.0-Ah battery and rapid charger.
Snow Joe and Sun Joe 100-volt 5.0-Ah battery and rapid charger.

Snow Joe + Sun Joe CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC 100-Volt iONPRO Starter Kit | 5.0 Amp Battery | Rapid Charger



Battery Option: w/ 5.0-Ah Battery and Charger

Product Description

Supercharge the next generation of cordless iON tools with the all-new 100-Volt 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery.

Introducing iON100V. Compatible with all Snow Joe and Sun Joe iON100V models, the iON100V-5AMP features high-capacity 5.0 Ah lithium-ion cells that deliver no-fade power for maximum job performance. Simply load the battery pack to the 100 Volt iON tool of choice, and get set to supercharge your yard chores.

Although runtimes may vary depending on the tool and type of job, iON100V powers up with the compatible rapid charger in just 100 minutes! And when you’re in the thick of things, the built-in charge indicator light lets you know what’s left on your battery with just the push of a button.

Plus, iON100V-5AMP is more than just a basic battery -- it’s a portable power pack for camping, tailgating and power outages! Dual onboard USB ports are perfect for charging up your phone, tablet, or other compatible electronic accessories, and the built-in handle with integrated LED light will brighten up your tent’s interior, your home when the power is out, or a roadside repair in an emergency.

Easy, eco-friendly, convenient, reliable and powerful, iON100V-5AMP is the smart way to supercharge your yard and garden chores.

Also included is the iON100V Rapid Charger: Simply slide your 100-volt battery pack in when you need a power boost, and iON100V-RCH charges up your maximum strength 5-Amp battery in 100 minutes so you can get back to your yard tasks in less time and stay out longer. Equipped with thoughtful safety features like thermal, over-voltage, and over-current circuit protection, iON100V-RCH safely charges your iON100V batteries without any risk of damage or danger. iON100V-RCH provides an eco-friendly means to safely and reliably power all of your Snow Joe Sun Joe 100-volt cordless iON tools. One battery, one charge — countless cordless possibilities!

  • Official Snow Joe + Sun Joe battery with valid markings of authenticity. Use of non-authentic accessories with your Snow Joe + Sun Joe tool will void your tool’s warranty.
  • 100 Volt lithium-ion technology — high-capacity cells with no-fade power for maximum job performance
  • No memory effect — charge whenever you want without having to drain the battery or wait for full charge before use
  • Portable power solution featuring dual onboard USB ports and integrated LED emergency light perfect for camping, roadside repairs and power outages
  • For use with all Snow Joe Sun Joe cordless iON100V models
  • Charger includes thermal, over voltage, and over current circuit protection
  • Included Snow + Sun Joe 2 Year Warranty

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