Snow Joe + Sun Joe iON+ 24VBAT-RM EcoSharp® Lithium-Ion Battery | 24-Volt | 4.0-Ah (Certified Refurbished)




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Product Description

Power up. Power your cordless iON+ tools the eco-friendly way with the 24-Volt iON 24VBAT lithium-ion battery. Compatible with all Snow Joe® Sun Joe® 24V iON+ models, the 24VBAT features high capacity 4.0 Ah lithium-ion cells that deliver no-fade power for maximum job performance.

Simply insert iON+ into your 24-volt tool of choice and power up instantly without having to mess with gas, oil, pull-cords, or tangled extension cords! Breathe easily and confidently while working with your 24VBAT since rechargeable battery pack provides cleaner, emission-free air during operation. Although run-times will vary depending on the tool used and the job performed, iON+ charges up for the task in just 160 minutes max.

The fuel gauge indicator lights on iON+ will also let you easily monitor your battery’s charge capacity while it is in use. When it is time to charge, simply slide the 24VBAT into its dedicated 24VCHRG-AC, 24VCHRG-DPC, or 24VCHRG-QC charger. The 24VBAT holds its charge well in storage and will retain up to 65% charge for six months.

Easy, convenient, reliable, and super-lightweight (under 2 lbs!), the 24-Volt iON+ 24VBAT is the smart way to battery pack for your power trip.

  • 24 V exclusive EcoSharp® lithium-ion technology – High capacity cells with no-fade power for maximum job performance
  • No memory effect – Charge whenever you want without having to drain the battery or wait for full charge before use
  • Cord-free operation – No gas, oil, tune-ups, pull-cords, or tangled extension cords!
  • Eco-friendly – Zero emissions for cleaner air
  • Reliable performance – 4.0 Ah (96 Wh)
  • For use with all Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® cordless 24V iON+ models
  • Certified Refurbished 2-year warranty
  • Battery only. (Charger NOT included)

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