Sun Joe 24V-300WI 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Hot-Swap Powered Inverter Generator Power Station | W/ AC Adapter, 2.7-Amp AC Receptacle, 2x USB Type A, 2x USB Type C, 3 Watt LED Spotlight, 10-Watt Wireless Phone Charger | 320-Watt




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Product Description

GET CHARGED UP! Take charge of your cordless tools with the 300W 24V MAX Cordless Power Station from SUN JOE. Designed as a portable inverter + charger Sun Joe works with all 24V iON+ System batteries, and other rechargeable electronic devices. This power-packed, multi-port power station works to quickly recharge your batteries + devices, so you can get back to work faster and more efficiently than ever. Just connect the battery or device (sold separately) to one of the charging stations or receptacles, and get powered up!

Equipped with an onboard AC outlet, USB-A and -C ports, a 10 W wireless charging pad, and a built-in reading light + spotlight for added safety, this all-in-one station has everything you'll need to get back to work. Charge up to 4 iON+ batteries (sold separately), a laptop, a tablet, and e-reader, and a phone all at once, so you can keep your life running on-the-go. The Cordless Power Station by Sun Joe provides an eco-friendly means to safely and reliably power your phones, lamps, laptops, small appliances – ideal for camping, boat, tailgating and power outages. One station, countless cordless possibilities! GET EQUIPPED®.

  • Designed as a portable inverter + charger works with the 24V iON+ System batteries (sold separately)
  • Includes AC adapter charger
  • Portable power up to 300W
  • Equipped with an AC outlet , USB-A + USB-C ports, and a 10 W wireless charging pad to charge personal electronics
  • Onboard 3W spotlight + 1W LED reading lights 
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