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Sun Joe 24-Volt Cordless Air Compressor kit with a Cordless High-Volume Inflator, 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery, nozzle attachments, and storage bag.
Sun Joe 24-Volt Cordless Portable Air Compressor with 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery attached.
Sun Joe 24-Volt Cordless High-Volume Inflator with nozzle attachments.


Sun Joe + Auto Joe 24V-AJC-AJV-LTE 24V* IONMAX High Volume Inflator & Portable Air Compressor Kit | w/ 2.0-Ah Battery + Charger, Storage Bag, 3 Inflation Adapters, and Nozzle Pin Attachments

*Initial no-load voltage, at full charge, peaks at 24V; nominal voltage with typical load is 21.6V



Product Description

Auto Joe® 24V-AJC 24-Volt* IONMAX Cordless Portable Air Compressor Kit



Skip the trip to the gas station and reach for the powerful portable air compressor that fits in the palm of your hand with the 24V-AJC-LTE 24-Volt* Cordless Air Compressor from AUTO JOE.


Compact and convenient for camping, or commuting - it’s the power-packed rechargeable pump that’s perfect anywhere power is at a premium -- like at the park, at the pool, or on the road. Keep tires at the perfect pressure, inflate a bike tire, pool float or sport ball in seconds. Simply set the PSI on the digital display and pull the trigger. The 24V-AJC-LTE automatically stops at your preset pressure.


Sun Joe® 24V-AJV 24-Volt* IONMAX High-Volume Inflator Kit

PUMP IT UP! Save your breath with 24-Volts* of cordless portable inflation power with SUN JOE's High-Volume Inflator Kit. Equipped with three tethered inflation nozzle adapters, this powerful handheld pump is perfect for pool toys, air mattresses, rafts, and more! Pump up a sport ball, refill a pool float, re-inflate a river raft, air mattress and more in seconds — just squeeze the trigger and pump it up! The included 0.5" adapter, 0.19" adapter, and 0.17" adapter are tethered together, so you always have the right inflation tip close at hand. And when the fun is done or it's time to pack up the air mattress, Sun Joe quickly converts from air inflator to rapid deflator. So, when the air is low, pump it up and Go With Joe®. The 24V-AJV-LTW 24-Volt* Cordless High-Volume Inflator Kit from SUN JOE®. GET EQUIPPED®.

Unlike bulky gas-powered or electric tools, SUN JOE’s 24-Volt* cordless compressor and inflator employ the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology for no fade power, and peak performance under pressure! When the work is done, simply plug the battery in to the included charger, power it up – and it’s recharged and ready for your next project!


Auto Joe 24V-AJC-LTE 24-Volt* IONMAX Cordless Portable Air Compressor Kit

  • 24 Volt* rechargeable air compressor
  • Featuring exclusive IONMAX technology for no fade power and maximum performance
  • 15 Inch Hose
  • Digital LED control for precise pressure 
  • Auto shut-off at preset pressure 
  • Includes nozzles pin attachments 
  • Perfectly portable - stows neatly in trunk 
  • Ideal for home, auto, sports equipment, air mattresses, camping


Sun Joe 24V-AJV 24-Volt* IONMAX High-Volume Inflator Kit

  • Powerful pump provides 36 CFM of max air flow and 188.8 MPH air speed
  • 3 tethered inflation adapters: 017", 0.19", and 0.5"
  • Inflates a twin-sized air mattress in 35 seconds
  • Lightweight and portable; perfect for road trips, camping, and poolside fun. Weighs just 2.1 lbs!
  • ETL Certified/2-year warranty

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