Sun Joe 24V-CSSHRP-CT-RM 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Mountable Chain Saw Sharpener | Tool Only (Certified Refurbished)


Battery Options: Tool Only

Product Description

Core Tool Only, Battery Not Included

Dull chains are dangerous and difficult to work with, and taking trips to the hardware store to get them sharpened wastes time and money. So, next time your chain saw or pole chain saw pulverizes wood and can’t cut cleanly any more, reach for the 24V-CSSHRP-CT 24-Volt Cordless Chain Sharpener from SUN JOE®! Designed to work with virtually all saw chains, 24V-CSSHRP is the perfect tool to keep your chain in top cutting condition. Simply position your dull chain along the guide, set your swivel angle from -30º to +30º left or right, and use the 100 grit, aluminum oxide grinding wheel to keep your tool’s cutting teeth razor sharp! Adjust the grinding depth with a quick twist of the knob for a precise cut every time! The powerful 65.5 watt motor spins the grinding wheel at up to 6,500 RPM, sharpening your worn chains in less time and with less effort than manual sharpeners. The sturdy base mounts securely on any table or bench for maximum control during use. Plus, 24V-CSSHRP is perfect for use anywhere power is at a premium – with the cordless convenience of iON+: SUN JOE’s exclusive, eco-friendly 24-Volt lithium-ion battery system. And iON+ provides rechargeable runtime with no-fade power + performance, and is compatible with Snow Joe + Sun Joe’s complete 24-Volt Cordless tool universe (Battery Sold Separately in Core Tool Version). So, skip the trip to the garden center and maintain your chain with the 24V-CSSHRP-CT 24-Volt Cordless Chain Saw Sharpener from SUN JOE. GET EQUIPPED®.

  • Sturdy base mounts securely to any table or workbench
  • iON+ 24-Volt Battery System compatible — 2.0 Ah battery (Sold Separately)
  • Durable 100 grit, 4.25 in. diameter, 1/8 in. thick aluminum oxide grinding wheel
  • Powerful 65.5 watt motor rotates grinding wheel up to 6,500 rpm
  • Chain gauge: 0.05 in. – 0.07 in. (1.3 mm – 1.8 mm)
  • Compatible with 1/4 in. + 3.8 in. + 0.325 in. chain pitches
  • Features grinding depth adjustment + locking knob for a precise cut every time
  • Swivel angle adjusts from -30º to +30º left or right
  • Chain guide lock keeps chains securely in place while working
  • Recommended for use with SUN JOE pole + chain saw chains
  • Compatible with most chain saws
  • Lightweight at under 5 lbs!
  • Certified Refurbished 90 Day Warranty
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