Sun Joe 24V-PP350-ACCY 3-piece Power Sprayer Accessory Kit for use with 24V-PP350 | Detergent Bottle | Utility Brush | Storage Bag
Product Description

For those stubborn stains in tight spaces like wheel wells and trim, add this accessory kit to your 24V-PP350 spray washer and watch the grime, gunk, and grease disappear! Attach the the utility bristle brush to easily break down stubborn messes without damaging paint, trim, and glass, or suds up the surface with the included detergent bottle! When the job is done, store your accessories easily and safely thanks to the mesh storage bag.

  • Designed for use with the 24V-PP350-LTE Power Cleaner
  • Includes: utility bristle brush, detergent bottle, and mesh storage bag
  • Detergent bottle delivers a layer of foam to make cleaning jobs easier
  • Bristle brush is gentle on paint but tough on grime, great for cleaning your car from top to bottom
  • Bristle brush easily scrubs hard to reach areas