Sun Joe 24V-TLR-CT-RM 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Garden Tiller + Cultivator | Tool Only (Certified Refurbished, Green)
Product Description

THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET OF GREAT GARDENERS! Put the back-breaking work of tilling tough turf behind you and break some ground with the power-packed 24-Volt Cordless Tiller + Cultivator from SUN JOE!

Powered by iON+, the exclusive, eco-friendly 24-Volt lithium-ion battery system. iON+ provides 4 batteries options (battery + charger sold separately). iON+ is compatible with Snow Joe + Sun Joe’s complete 24-Volt Cordless tool universe.

The perfect power weeder, SUN JOE effortlessly slices away weeds and loosens soil to allow air and moisture to penetrate for healthier roots and plants. Go where no tiller has gone before with the dual 2-inch tilling blades! 10 durable, steel tilling prongs easily cultivate in tight or cramped quarters — even in between plants — for maximum maneuverability and performance. Lightweight at just 6.2 lbs, 24V-TLR-CT features a telescopic pole — which extends up to 37 inches — and an adjustable auxiliary handle, to take the pain and strain out of yard chores! So, keep your yard looking its best, with less stress. Go With Joe®: 24V-TLR-CT 24-Volt Cordless Tiller + Cultivator from SUN JOE®. GET EQUIPPED®.

  • iON+ 24-Volt Battery System compatible — BATTERY + CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY
  • 6-inch durable steel tilling blades easily slice through weeds and loosen soil
  • Dual tilling blades cultivate a 4.1” wide by 6” deep path in a single pass
  • Perfect for prepping small plant beds and aerating soil in tight spaces
  • Lightweight at just 6.2 lbs for maximum comfort + control
  • Telescopic pole extends from 28.3” to 37.3”
  • Ergonomic auxiliary handle takes the pain and strain out of yard chores
  • Certified Refurbished 90 Day Warranty