Sun Joe SBJ6-GA-RM Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment (For models SBJ601E + SBJ603E + SBJ605E + iONBV) (Certified Refurbished)
Product Description

LOSE THE LADDER – REACH THE ROOF!  Keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground while you blast your way to clean, clear gutters with the Sun Joe® Blower Joe Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment.  

Rid yourself of gutter-clogging leaves, dirt and debris without ever having to set foot on an unsteady stepladder or hang dangerously from your downspout. Simply attach the sturdy, detachable PVC tubes to extend your reach up to 15' and unleash a tornado in your gutter tubs. Regularly cleaning your gutters ensures clear, clog-free performance and eliminates the potential for costly ice dams.

  • Refurbished - 90-Day Warranty from Snow Joe LLC. Warranty information included in carton
  • Compatible with Sun Joe SBJ601E SBJ603E SBJ605E iONBV models
  • Safely clean gutters while standing on the ground
  • For removing dry leaves and debris
  • Extends reach up to 15'
  • Sturdy PVC tubes deliver maximum airflow to gutter tub
  • Pivoting tube directs airflow
  • Includes adapter, tubes and U-nozzle
  • Minor cosmetic scratches and scuffs are possible