MJ-HVR12E electric hover mower
MJ-HVR12E electric hover mower
MJ-HVR12E electric hover mower
MJ-HVR12E electric hover mower

Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E Electric Hover Mower | 11-Inch | 10-AMP
Product Description

PLUG IN, POWER UP LIFT OFF. For the ultimate in lighter-than-air lawn care, try the cutting-edge MJ-HVR12E 11-Inch Electric Hover Blade Grass Cutter, from SUN JOE. The hover cutter slides across the lawn for the ultimate wheel-free trim. SUN JOE’s eco-friendly 10-amp motor spins at up to 7,000 RPM to create a cushion of air for the precise cutting of uneven, sloped lawns and small yards! MJ-HVR12E skims across uneven terrain and provides maximum maneuverability – all without wheels – and at just 10 lbs. The SUN JOE hover cutter trims an 11-inch path in any direction, and includes 3 replacement blades. So, GET EQUIPPED® with the next-generation of grass-grooming tech, and Go With Joe®: the MJ-HVR12E. 11-inch, 10-Amp Electric Hover Blade Grass Cutter from SUN JOE®.

  • Blade hub spins at up to 7000 rpm to create a cushion of air to skim across the lawn
  • Powerful 10-amp eco-friendly electric motor means no gas, fumes, or costly tune-ups!
  • 3 rotating cutting blades provide a crisp, 11-inch wide, wheel-free cutting path – in any direction
  • Quick easy cutting blade replacement – includes 3 replacement blades
  • Compact, lightweight design for maximum maneuverability and easy storage
  • Ideal for sloped lawns, and small yards
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs