MJ401E-DCA mower chute
MJ401E-DCA mower chute
MJ401E-DCA mower chute

Sun Joe MJ401-Series Lawn Mower Side-Discharge Chute Accessory (for MJ401E + MJ401C Lawn Mowers)
Product Description

Chute Out! Quickly convert your MJ401-series Mow Joe electric lawn mower from a bagging mower to a side-discharge mower with the MJ401E-DCA side-discharge chute accessory. This simple attachment quickly clips onto the rear of your MJ401E or MJ401C mower to swiftly sweep grass clippings from the cutting chamber, enabling you to cut taller grass without clogging the mower deck. To install the side-discharge chute, lift Mow Joe’s spring-loaded rear cover and remove the grass collection bag. Fasten the side-discharge chute to the mower body by sliding the chute tabs onto the hooks found under the spring-loaded rear cover, and you’re all set! Constructed of durable polypropylene, the side-discharge chute is an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable accessory that will instantly upgrade the features on your Mow Joe MJ401E or MJ401C lawn mower. Now you’ll have the option of bagging your clippings or telling them to, “Exit at the rear!”

  • Ideal for cutting taller grass
  • Safely discharge clippings without clogging mower deck
  • Durable polypropylene for reliable performance
  • Easy install - Quickly convert from bagging to side-discharging
  • Compatible with all MJ401-series units, including MJ401E, MJ401E-PRO, MJ401C and MJ401C-XR (All Colors)