Sun Joe Portable Power Bundle | Generator + Power Station + Extension Cord
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Product Description

24V-300WI - Sun Joe 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Hot-Swap Powered Inverter Generator Power Station

GET CHARGED UP! Take charge of your cordless tools with the 300W 24V MAX Cordless Power Station from SUN JOE. Designed as a portable inverter + charger Sun Joe works with all 24V iON+ System batteries, and other rechargeable electronic devices. This power-packed, multi-port power station works to quickly recharge your batteries + devices, so you can get back to work faster and more efficiently than ever. Just connect the battery or device (sold separately) to one of the charging stations or receptacles, and get powered up!

Equipped with an onboard AC outlet, USB-A and -C ports, a 10 W wireless charging pad, and a built-in reading light + spotlight for added safety, this all-in-one station has everything you'll need to get back to work. Charge up to 4 iON+ batteries (sold separately), a laptop, a tablet, and e-reader, and a phone all at once, so you can keep your life running on-the-go. The Cordless Power Station by Sun Joe provides an eco-friendly means to safely and reliably power your phones, lamps, laptops, small appliances – ideal for camping, boat, tailgating and power outages. One station, countless cordless possibilities! GET EQUIPPED®.

SJG4100LP - Sun Joe Portable Propane Generator W/ 24V 2.0-Ah Battery and Charger

WHEN THE POWER'S GONE, POWER JOE® ON. When you suddenly lose power, life stops. Keep the power on with your home's hero: the Portable Propane Generator from Power Joe®, by Sun Joe®. No more struggling with bulky, smelly gas generators. If you can start your BBQ, you can turn on Power Joe® — just press one button! In a blackout, Power Joe® gives you instant, reliable access to exclusive PRO POWER3X technology: PowerSTART, PowerCOOL, and PowerFUEL.

PowerSTART features a 24V iON+ lithium-ion battery to instantly turn on the motor the first time, every time, with up to 4,100 watts of power. And the included battery powers over 100 tools in the 24V iON+ cordless tool system!

PowerCOOL ensures superior air flow with an enhanced fan design to keep the motor running cooler, stronger, and longer than traditional generators.

PowerFUEL harnesses the pure power of greener, cleaner propane to eliminate carbon build-up in the motor, and it's virtually maintenance FREE!

Get Equipped® to power all your devices with multiple outlet options: two standard 120-volt outlets, USB-A and -C ports for all of your electronics, a twist-lock receptacle and an RV outlet for campers and campsites! Turn on lamps, plug in the fridge, run the microwave, turn on heaters or the AC, and keep your phones, tablets, and TVs on. 

When the power's gone, Power Joe® ON!

Simply load a 20 LB propane tank into the onboard tank storage, connect the included 5 ft. propane hose, and power up with Power Joe®! The 8 horse power, 4 stroke OHV engine is powered by propane, for less carbon build-up in the motor. Plus the handy features like the onboard LCD display + control panel, low-oil sensor with automatic shut-off, and dual circuit breakers make Power Joe® a true powerhouse. So, keep your life running even when the electricity has stopped — and Go With Joe®. Power quick, power easy, Power Joe®. The Power Joe® Portable Propane Generator, by Sun Joe®. GET EQUIPPED®. 

SJG-EXT2510-3WAY - Sun Joe Generator Series 3 Outlet Power Cord | 25-Foot

THREE WAYS TO POWER UP! Plug in all your electronics with the Generator Series 25-ft Power Cord by Sun Joe. Ideal for use with most portable generators, this 3-way split cord is fully insulated, and works with multiple devices. Featuring one L5-30P plug and three 5-20R receptacles, Sun Joe is the perfect fit for use with portable generators. Constructed from a durable, non-toxic, high-grade PVC jacket material, it's flame, water, and oil resistant for a long-lasting, safer connection. Plus, the individual 20 A circuit breakers in each receptacle provide maximum overload protection, for peace of mind when the power's on. So, POWER UP with the Generator Series 25-ft Power Cord by Sun Joe®. GET EQUIPPED®. 


24V-300WI - Sun Joe 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Hot-Swap Powered Inverter Generator Power Station

  • Designed as a portable inverter + charger works with the 24V iON+ System batteries (sold separately)
  • Includes AC adapter charger
  • Portable power up to 300W
  • Equipped with an AC outlet , USB-A + USB-C ports, and a 10 W wireless charging pad to charge personal electronics
  • Onboard 3W spotlight + 1W LED reading lights 

SJG4100LP - Sun Joe Portable Propane Generator W/ 24V 2.0-Ah Battery and Charger

  • Features exclusive PRO POWER3X technology: PowerSTARTPowerCOOLPowerFUEL
  • Backed by our 2 Year Warranty
  • Starts with an included 24-Volt 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery — starts the unit up to 400 times on a single charge!
  • Integrated control panel with multiple outlet options for your electronic devices, appliances, RVs + campers, and more.
  • Included propane hose siphons the fuel from the tank (propane tank not included) for continuous, cleaner energy.
  • Collapsible transport handle and onboard tank storage to easily wheel around the home, RV, campground or worksite.

SJG-EXT2510-3WAY - Sun Joe Generator Series 3 Outlet Power Cord | 25-Foot

  • Compatible with the Power Joe Portable Propane Generator (SJG4100LP)
  • Max output: 3750 watts
  • 10/3 gauge
  • Resistant to temperatures between -13º F – 221º F
  • 3-prong, grounded cord with individual 20 A circuit breakers for maximum safety
  • Features a convenient storage strap + carrying handle
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