Sun Joe SJ-EWB Electric Weed Burner & BBQ Lighter | W/ Adjustable Pole and Extension Handle | 1022°F | 1500W


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Product Description

SIMPLY AIM + FLAME! It’s your call with SUN JOE’s powerful 120-volt Electric Weed Burner + BBQ Lighter. Simply plug in the 1022°F (550°C) max heating element and watch as those annoying weeds wedged between patio pavers, in walkways, stone walls, and in lawns + flowerbeds are fried away, before your eyes. Simply aim + flame! Or, remove the nozzle attachment to ignite charcoal for BBQs, fire pits, outdoor stoves, smokers or ovens – and more! With SUN JOE there’s no worry when you need a flame in a hurry! Includes a sturdy extension handle for easy gripping, an adjustable pole for added comfort + control, and a kickstand to keep it aloft while cooling. So, whether you’re ready to toast some pesky weeds or just fancy sitting back and enjoying a relaxing BBQ fire, get the one tool that’s as easy as simply aim + flame!  GET EQUIPPED®.

  • 120-Volt; 1022°F (550°C) max temp
  • Adjustable pole with extension handle
  • 5 ft power cord
  • Kickstand for cooling
  • Weighs 2.2 lbs
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