Sun Joe SPX-AW3Q 3-Pack Pressure Washer Auto Snow Foam Trio | Pineapple | Orange-Vanilla | Coconut
Product Description

FIGHT DIRTY. Give your auto cleaning blast a boost with Sun Joe's Snow Foam Detergent Trio! This fast-foaming, high-viscosity snow foam auto wash is specially formulated to capture and gently rinse away dirt particles on your vehicle’s exterior to leave behind a superior shine. Gentle on paintwork, tough on road grime. For best results, use with a pressure washer foam cannon attachment (SUN JOE SPX-FC34) for maximum foaming action, and rinse to reveal a clean, brilliant finish. Made for use with pressure washers, this detergent trio includes our 3 signature scents: Pineapple, Coconut, and Orange-Vanilla!

  • DETERGENT TRIO — Includes a 3-pack of Sun Joe's Snow Foam Auto Wash in scents pineapple, coconut, and orange-vanilla
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA — 1 quart per bottle of powerful fast-foaming formula
  • BIODEGRADABLE — eco-friendly for use outside of the home, this bleach-free formula won't damage surrounding plant life and vegetation
  • Includes 3x 1 quart bottles of concentrated pressure washer detergent
  • Designed for use with Sun Joe pressure washers + foamer cannon accessories