Sun Joe SPX-PLWP Universal Gas/Electric Pressure Washer Pump, Piston and Seal Anti-Freeze and Lubricant Protector for Winter Storage up to -50-Degrees, Reduces Mineral Deposits, Rust Inhibitor 12-Ounce
Product Description

PROTECT YOUR PUMP! Keep your pressure washer in tip-top shape with the Pressure Washer Pump Protector + Winterizer from SUN JOE! Designed to work with your Sun Joe pressure washer, the liquid lubricant is formulated to reduce water mineral deposits, prevent rust build-up, and ensure a longer pump life, with reliable performance. Just attach the bottle to your pressure washer inlet valve, turn the unit on to draw the solution in, and protect your pump! Specially designed by SUN JOE for winterizing your machine, it works with virtually all makes and models of pressure washers – gas or electric. The environmentally-friendly formula prevents freezing down to -50 degrees, eliminating frost and ice damage to your pump. So, protect and extend the life of your pressure washer with the Pump Protector + Winterizer from SUN JOE®. GET EQUIPPED®.

  • Ideal for cleaning and cold weather storage
  • 12 fl oz bottle connects directly to your pressure washer's inlet valve
  • Prevents pump freezing down to -50º F (-45º C)
  • Specially formulated to lubricate the pump for longer and reliable life
  • Designed for use with all electric + gas pressure washers
  • Reduces water mineral deposits
  • Includes rust-inhibiting properties
  • Environmentally friendly formula
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