Trail Gear TG-850 Solar Shower Bag w/ Flexible Hose | Outdoor, Travel, Camping, Hiking | Non-Toxic PVC, Hanging Support | 20 L


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Product Description

Make your camping experience more enjoyable. Now you can always enjoy a warm shower while camping. Our portable 5-gallon solar camp shower bag uses the sun to heat up the water inside. The camp shower is great for those camping and outdoor trips where you need to keep clean, get the sand off or just do dishes with warm water. Simply fill with water, place on a flat sunlit surface with the black side up and this shower has the potential to heat water to 40°C when left in the sun for over 3 hours on a hot day.

  • 5 gallons (20L capacity)
  • Made from non-toxic PVC
  • Includes: 20-L camp shower bag
  • Flexible hose with shower head
  • On/Off tab
  • Hanging support bar (to wrap around the top of the portable shower bag)
  • Hanging rope

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