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Does my Snow Joe + Sun Joe tool come with an outdoor extension cord?
Joe's Assistant
50 months ago
Snow Joe + Sun Joe tools generally do NOT come with an outdoor extension cord, unless a specific retailer offers it in a special promotional offer.

Make sure to use a UL-rated outdoor extension cord indicated for all weather use. Outdoor extension cords are usually sold in increments of 25 ft. Select the cord length and wire gauge that is right for your product and area. For use with your Snow Joe + Sun Joe tool, we recommend the Power Joe PJEXT50-B 50-Foot 14-Gauge Extension Cord with Lighted End, available for purchase on our website.

To prevent the power cord from disconnecting during use, use the cord lock feature on your unit, or simply tie the cord in loose knot around the handle of your Snow Joe + Sun Joe tool before connecting it to the plug on the unit.

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