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How do i clean my Martha Secatuers?
Joe's Assistant
43 months ago

Since secatuers are more often than not used frequently during the summer, and they accumate a lot of plant matter and moisture on the blades as a result. 

This layer of grime and moister can actually cause the blades to rust if they are not cleaned properly. Additionally, they can also transmit bacterial and fungal infections to the plants. It is very important that we keep our tool clean and in good working condition to prevent plant illness as well as any tool malfunctions. 

1. Lightly clean the blades with a diluted dishwashing liquid solution

2. Use an abrasive pad and carefully scrub the blade down for the hard-to-remove grime. (Don't scrub too aggressively as it may dull the blade)

3. Rinse in warm water to rid the blades of any soap residue. 

3. Dry with shop towels and leave to air dry for a few minutes

4. Using vegetable oil or recommended spray lubricant applied on a shop towel, rub down the blades. This process well help revent rust on the blades. *Remember to wipe off any excess oil or lubricant afterwards.


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