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How long can the SharperBlade last?
Joe's Assistant
34 months ago

Trimmer/Edger blade – It depends on how you use it. The less contact with hard surfaces, like concrete, the longer it will last. It’s possible to last up to four (4) seasons or more, with the added convenience of never having to restring, un-jam or pound your whacker, again.
 Lawn Mower blade – Will last as long as a typical steel blade, with the added peace-of-mind that you’re using the only alternative to steel; the only blade designed to avoid serious injury, and the added benefit of never having to sharpen or replace chipped steel blades.
Edger blade – With proper usage, will last as long as a steel blade, with the peace-of-mind that you’re using a safer blade that won’t throw dangerous sparks, and with the added benefits of never having to worry about damaging your concrete, brick, stone or sprinklers.

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