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What are the best uses for my iONBV unit?
Joe's Assistant
45 months ago

Here are just a few of the great uses for your iONBV!

  1. Clear debris from your campsite or tent
  2. Blow dust, dew, or rain from your belongings
  3. Remove sawdust from your workbench
  4. Remove particles from a construction area
  5. Clear leaves and pine needles from your gutters and roof
  6. Clean the inside of your boat quickly and easily
  7. Clean the inside of your work truck or SUV
  8. Clean the flatbed of your truck
  9. Blow snow clear off your vehicle
  10. Flatten and remove snowdrifts
  11. Clear your patio and deck of dirt and debris
  12. Clean dust off your knees, legs, and boots
  13. Remove water/rain from crevices in your motorcycle/ATV to prevent rust/oxidization
  14. Gently remove water from your dog
  15. Sweep your lawn and property of leaves/twigs
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