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What are the unique features of the Power Joe Portable Propane Generator?
Joe's Assistant
12 months ago

Only the new Power Joe portable propane generator by Sun Joe features exclusive PROPOWER3X technology: PowerSTART, PowerCOOL and PowerFUEL. PowerSTART features a 24V iON+ lithium-ion battery to instantly turn on Power Joe’s motor the first time, every time, with up to 4100 watts of power.  This same battery powers over 100 tools in the iON+ cordless tool system! PowerCOOL ensures superior air flow with an enhanced fan design to keep the motor running cooler, stronger, and longer than traditional generators. And PowerFUEL harnesses the pure power of greener, cleaner propane to eliminate carbon build-up in the motor, and it's virtually maintenance FREE!

With Power Joe, you’ll be able get power at the push of a button and its multiple outlet options will allow you to power multiple devices. Plus Power Joe features a compact design with wheels for easy maneuverability, a collapsible handle for easy storage, an onboard cylinder to conveniently hold a 20 or 30 gallon propane tank, an onboard LCD display, a low oil-sensor with automatic shut off, and dual circuit breakers for safety.

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