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What is the best way to clear a path with the Snow Joe 322P?
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60 months ago
A single pass with the Snow Joe 322P will clear all snow up to 12” wide and 4” deep, permitting you to move at a steady rate on a straight path. For snow deeper than 4 inches, a side-to-side motion is most effective: hold in each hand the top and lower handles and make a sweeping pass from side to side. Keep up a steady back and forth movement for each area of work. Angle the snowthrower to the right or to the left of your current path, depending upon where you would like to place the cleared snow. (You should, of course, place the cleared snow where it does not need to be cleared later.) It is best to move the unit in the same direction as the wind so that the snow is not thrown against the wind, and thus back into your face and onto the just cleared path.
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