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What safety precautions should I take when operating the Snow Joe Ultra?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
53 months ago

When operating the Snow Joe Ultra, make sure to use a UL rated extension cord indicated for outdoor, all-weather use. To prevent the extension cord from disconnecting during use, use the onboard cord restraint clip and/or make a loop and knot the female end of the extension cord to the male plug of the unit's power cord. Take precaution not to run the blades of the unit over the extension cord. If the cord is damaged, replace immediately.

Foreign objects, such as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire or string, can be picked up and thrown by the snow thrower, causing serious personal injury. Make sure to remove all foreign objects from the area to be plowed before operating the snow thrower.

Never direct the snow discharge chute at the operator, at bystanders, at vehicles or at nearby windows. The discharged snow and foreign objects accidentally picked up by the snow thrower can cause serious damage and personal injury. Always orient the discharge chute in the opposite direction from where you, bystanders, surrounding vehicles, or windows are located. Refer to the Snow Joe Ultra user manual in the Product Support section of our website, or in the Downloads section of the product listing, for additional safety instructions.

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