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Can the SharperBlade break?
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39 months ago

Although the SharperBlade is constructed of extremely strong Aerospace-grade polymer, specifically designed to flex against hard objects, like rocks and fences, nothing is indestructible. Even steel blades can break under the right conditions.

For the Weed Whacker Blade, two (2) conditions must exist for the blade to break:

  1. A high rate of speed and
  2. Excessive force that buckles the blade close to its hub.

The centrifugal force, created by a Weed Whacker’s high speed, can limit the SharperBlade’s ability to flex. It’s the classic case of the unstoppable force (a blade at high speed) meeting the immovable object (a solid surface). At that point, something’s got to give and the blade may be forced to tear itself. We call this… Tear Protection. The key is to start out at slower speeds until you get used to how easily the SharperBlade cuts.

For all three blades: It is possible for the blade to get a “nick” in it. But, one of the greatest features about the SharperBlade is that it will “repair itself.” As you continue to use it, the SharperBlade will smooth out the nick, back to a sharp edge. It’s maintenance-free!

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