Protect Yourself Against Fraud

We're committed to keeping our customers safe while shopping online We're committed to keeping our customers safe while shopping online

Snow Joe is committed to keeping our customers safe while shopping online. We’re aware that fake vendors are advertising a small number of our machines for sale, generally at a fraction of the cost of our prices. Often times, these fraudulent sellers will advertise on social media platforms using the same images and videos owned by Snow Joe. The ads will also link directly to a fake website where you will only be given the option to purchase one or two types of units. Unknowing customers will complete their purchase and either receive something completely different than what was advertised after waiting several months, or get nothing at all. While Snow Joe has a zero-tolerance policy regarding fraudulent vendors infringing on our copyright and those who seek to dupe our customers, it does take time to identify and block those bad actor’s ads and websites. As we are shopping more and more online, we ask that all customers, both returning and new, remain vigilant and shop directly on, our Special TV Offer sites, or one of our authorized retailers.

Who is authorized to sell Snow Joe Products?

Snow Joe partners with several authorized retailers to meet our customers shopping preferences. Some of our featured retailers include Snow Joe, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, QVC, and Walmart. For a full list of Snow Joe’s Authorized Retailers, please visit our Where To Buy page.

Why is your website directing me to a different site to purchase my item(s)?

Some items are exclusive to specific retailers and are only sold on one of their website(s) or in their stores. Other items are Special TV and Digital offers, like the Sun Joe Xtream, the Snow Joe Shovel and Blower, and the Snow Joe Snow Broom, and our SupplyAid website that is dedicated to our PPE brand of products. These special websites are an extension of our main website and make it easier for consumers to purchase a specific item or product offering. If you ever have any questions or concerns purchasing Snow Joe products off a specific website, please reach out to us at

How is Snow Joe taking care of fraudulent ads and websites?

Snow Joe has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraudsters using our brand to bait and switch or scam customers out of their hard-earned money. When a fraudulent ad or website is identified, we work with our team to have the ad and website reported for copyright infringement and subsequently request for it to be removed. Since it does take some time to identify and remove these fake websites, we ask that all our customers remain vigilant and only purchase directly from Snow Joe, its affiliated partner sites, or one of our authorized retailers.

Where does Snow Joe ship their items from?

Snow Joe will ship a customer’s order from its US or Canadian warehouses depending on your shipping address. Your order is generally shipped within 48 hours and it should arrive within 7-10 business days depending on carrier shipping times. In the event a customer ever needed to return an item, our returns facility is also located in the US and we would never ask a customer to ship a return internationally.

What should I do if I’ve fallen victim to a scam?

While Snow Joe isn’t able to assist with orders placed through fraudulent ads or websites, we’d suggest contacting the company your purchased from directly. Often times they will offer a small refund and will advise that you must return the item yourself, usually internationally. In the event they won’t refund you, we’d suggest reaching out to your financial institution whose account you used to complete the purchase and see what options are available to you.