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Does my Cordless Drill support both wood and metal drilling?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago

For maximum performance, use high speed steel bits for wood or metal drilling. Select drilling mode. Begin drilling at a very low speed to prevent the bit from slipping off the starting point.

Wood Drilling:

  1. Increase the speed as the drill bit bites into the material.
  2. When drilling through holes, place a block of wood behind the workpiece to prevent ragged or splintered edges on the back side of the hole.

Metal and Steel Drilling:

  1. Use a light oil on the drill bit to keep it from overheating. The oil will prolong the life of the bit and increase the drilling action.
  2. Maintain a speed and pressure which allows cutting without overheating the bit. Applying too much pressure will:
    • Overheat the drill
    • Wear the bearings
    • Bend or burn bits
    • Produce off-center or irregular-shaped holes
  3. When drilling large holes in metal, start with a small bit, then finish with a larger bit.
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