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Does the Sun Joe 24V iON+ Jet Blower have any safety features?
Joe's Assistant
11 months ago

The Sun Joe 24V iON+_Jet Blower is purposefully designed with safety in mind. The build of the unit houses the motor deep enough to optimize blower performance and prevent natural obstructions.  Plus, it includes a 24-Volt iON+ lithium-ion battery that boasts no-fade power from start to finish, so your turbine jet blower can run stronger and longer. In fact, the individual battery cells are continuously optimized for peak performance with no memory effect during recharge and a rugged, shock-resistant design for longer life. Operating 100% gas-free and cord-free, the Sun Joe 24V iON+ battery-powered cordless Jet Blower is also the naturally safer choice for you and the environment –there’s no cords to limit your reach or cause potential entanglement while you work and there’s zero emissions for cleaner air.

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