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How do I buck a log?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago

Bucking is the process in which a log is cut into lengths. It is important to make sure your footing is firm and your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. When possible, the log should be raised and supported by the use of limbs, logs, or chocks. Follow these simple directions for easy cutting:

  • When the log is supported along its entire length, cut from the top (overbuck).
    • Repeat several times if necessary, changing the point where you plant the spiked bumper.
    • When bucking on a slope, always stand on the uphill side of the log. When cutting through the log, maintain control by releasing the cutting pressure near the end of the cut without relaxing your grip on the chain saw handles. Do not let the chain contact the ground.

WARNING! Do not buck logs that are larger than the maximum cutting thickness.

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