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How do I compost?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago
  1. First, choose a suitable location with direct sunlight and a flat surface with enough room to accommodate the rotation of the composter.
  2. Slide open one of the doors and add new material for composting.
  3. Close the door and tumble the composter drum 5 – 10 times. Repeat this procedure every 2 – 3 days and every time new material is added.
  4. Once one side is full allow it to decompose and start adding new raw material into the other side to create a second batch. Alternatively, one may choose to use the two chambers to produce two different types of compost (e.g. grass clippings & food waste).
  5. To empty your composter, place a small tarp or plastic sheet on the ground. Rotate the composter so that the doors face down. Then slide the door open to allow the compost to fall out before sliding the tarp out.
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