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How do I correctly dump objects from my Cordless Wheelbarrow?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago

With the rotatable carrier frame, users can easily dump objects without lifting the bucket or the wheelbarrow. Follow the instruction below.

  1. Stop the wheelbarrow by releasing the drive trigger, and engage the brake lever and brake lock. If needed, stabilize the wheelbarrow by blocking the middle terrain wheel.
  2. Stand by the side of the wheelbarrow, pull out and turn the carrier lock 90º (either direction) to unlock the carrier frame, and then lift and tilt the carrier frame with the other hand. When the carrier frame is unlocked, you can release the carrier lock.
  3. After dumping the object, return the carrier and bucket and make sure to lock the carrier frame.

CAUTION! Only use the rotatable carrier frame on flat and stable ground. Operation on unstable ground may cause accident or injury.

CAUTION! When dumping the object, hold the handle and carrier frame firmly, and work in a stable posture.

CAUTION! Keep the load to a minimum. If the load is large, do not try to lift the carrier. Reduce the load, and then lift the carrier.

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