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How do I correctly operate my AJV1000 Handheld Vacuum?
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15 months ago
  • Always hold the unit on the handle when the vacuum is on.
  • During vacuuming, keep the nozzle at a distance of approximately 0.4 inch (1 cm) above the material to be vacuumed.
  • Turn off the unit after vacuuming, before cleaning and maintenance. Empty the dust tank, clean and dry the inside and outside before storage.
  • Empty the dust tank outside in order to avoid a mess.
  • Clean or change the filter (see Maintenance section) if the suction performance deteriorates.

NOTE: The cordless handheld vacuum is equipped with working overheating protection. When the temperature is too high during vacuuming, the circuit will cut off and the vacuum will stop working. If this happens, DO NOT press the On/Off button any more. Let the vacuum cool down for a while before resuming working.

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