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How do I correctly operate my Electric Snow Blower?
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16 months ago
  1. For safe and efficient use of your snow thrower, use only a UL-rated extension cord recommended for outdoor use.
  2. Push a loop of the extension cord through the slot on the cord lock from the opposite side of the restraint hook. Position the loop over the hook and pull the cable back through the slot.
  3. Insert the female end of the extension cord into the appliance's polarized male plug.
  4. Note that the snow thrower has a polarized male plug – one prong in the plug is slightly longer and wider than the other. The extension cord female end should be likewise polarized so that the extension cord fits snugly into the appliance plug.
  5. To switch the snow thrower ON, press the safety switch button, then squeeze the switch bar lever.
  6. Once the snow thrower starts, release the safety switch button and proceed with operation.
  7. To power OFF, release the switch bar lever.
  8. To utilize the LED light for nighttime snow removal, activate the LED light switch located on the switch bar harness, and can be adjusted by moving up and down.

NOTE: After you have finished using your snow thrower, remember to turn OFF the light switch.

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