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How do I correctly operate my Multi-Purpose Spreader?
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15 months ago
  1. Before filling the hopper, make sure the hitch pin is installed, and the control lever is set all the way back so that the feed plate is fully closed.
  2. Place the hopper screen into the hopper before filling it with material. Estimate the size of the coverage area and follow the material manufacturer’s instructions regarding the appropriate amount. Break up any lumps as you fill the hopper.
  3. If necessary, install the cover over the hopper to protect the material from excessive wind or moisture. NOTE: Do not use it as a rain cover.
  4. Always start pushing the spreader before adjusting the control lever to open the feed plate.
  5. To open the feed plate, push the control lever to the right and rotate it forward until it clicks into one of the notches. NOTE: The control lever has five feed control settings. Going from back to front, they are: closed, low, medium, high and fully opened.
  6. Keep the spreader level with the ground and maintain a steady pace while pushing it. NOTE: You may find that you need to adjust the feed control depending on your walking speed.
  7. To ensure even coverage, spread the material in parallel lines as shown. Slightly overlap previously covered ground so you do not miss any spots.
  8. Always move the control lever to the closed position before turning, stopping or reversing. This reduces waste and avoids oversaturating and thereby damaging your lawn.
  9. If material is accidentally deposited too heavily on a particular area, soak the area thoroughly with a garden hose to prevent it from burning your lawn.
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